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“From start to finish Marissa was AMAZING!!!
She worked very hard to make sure this was a smooth and fun experience for my family and I.
I could not have asked for a better realtor”
– Storey Ross

“Y’all if you need a realtor call Marissa! When it says she goes above and beyond for her clients that is an UNDERSTATEMENT! She definitely puts her all into everything she does! Let her help you buy your next home or sell the one you have now!”
– Brittany Foe

“Committed to finding you the right home at the right payments you want. Self driven, consistent, honest, and very hard working are just a few of her wonderful personality traits. A great experience to work with!”
– Clifford Stewart

“Marissa is very loyal to her clients, and will go above and beyond for you! She is one of the best in the business! You won’t regret Moving with Marissa!”
– Taylor Hall

“I purchased my dream home with Marissa’s help this past Friday. I could not be more satisfied. After months of searching with another realtor, I found my dream home with Marissa on our first day’s outing. She has been there to walk me through the process of closing every step of the way. She is extremely kind and flexible and will push on anything you need from the seller. I could not recommend anyone better. Move with Marissa.”
– Claire Harmon

“Marissa has been fantastic throughout our process. She’s been very professional, extremely helpful and always responds ASAP if we have any questions or concerns. I highly recommend Marissa!”
– Taylor Wathen

“Absolutely love Marissa! She is so attentive. When she found out we were remodeling before putting our home on the market she offered to help in any way she could. From recommending someone to come out and do some of the things we needed to offering to play with my kiddos so I could complete things 😉 she goes above and beyond!”
– Erica Wilson

“Marissa has gone above and beyond to help us in our home buying and selling experience. She is very thoughtful and makes the entire experience less stressful!”
– Brittany Foe